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JPC Services Inc. is a comprehensive services company. Construction is not our only focus, as we also offer expertise for custom home building, Renovations, Painting, Panel Systems, Roofing, Repair, Maintenance and Landscaping. We have served the Greater Vancouver Regional District for many years and have developed strong partnerships with architects, designers, and engineers in various municipalities.

JPC Service Inc. is dedicated to providing quality construction, renovation, management services and to implement a long term relationship with its clients, based on safety, quality, timely service as well as anticipation of their needs and budget.


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We excel at dealing with various difficulties and issues related to homes/house/building/condo.

Plumbing, Drainage, Re-piping
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Foundation, Concrete, Retaining wall

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zheng xiezheng xie
03:00 22 Feb 24
We hire Jeff's team to fix a pipe leakage. The service turns out to be amazingly good! Working with them is a wonderful experience we have had!In the middle of January when the weather was below zero, pipes inside of our unit burst and caused a huge flood. Under such an emergency situation, a friend of mine recommended JPC Service. It was the best recommendation we got. When I contacted the owner, Jeff Jiang, his car happened to be in repair. However, understanding our urgent request, he still came with a borrowed car to evaluate the situation.After he did a thorough evaluation, he proposed a few repair plans, each with detailed description and quote. When we decided to go with one of the plans, he immediately sent his crew (a plumber initially and a general remodeling worker later). Both technicians provided high quality of service. They also cleaned up the working place after the project is completed.During the whole process, Jeff is very professional, knowledgeable and responsible! He is very good at communication with us at each step. He explained the project in detail and patiently! It is first time in many years, that we have received such a wonderful and excellent service. They don’t have hidden fees or intentionally procrastinate the process of the work. Jeff apparently runs a very successful business! They are not only providing a super impressive service, but most importantly, they earn a deep trust from their customers. I will highly recommend their service to all of my friends!
michelle Tammichelle Tam
02:38 21 Jan 24
Jeff and Mo are amazing! Great quality work. They are able to diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently. Clearly explained the issues. They are very skillful and professional! Highly recommend.
18 Arts18 Arts
04:34 07 Jan 24
Shout out to JPC Service, Jeff, Neilson, Kevin, and everyone who works hard for our project, we appreciate all the work they have done. Super professional, full of knowledge of construction and renovation. One of the most efficient team that I have ever meet in Vancouver. They deserve a 10 stars if google review has.
Jim ChiangJim Chiang
03:12 06 Jan 24
I’m doing basement renovation and half way we found out I have serious mouse/rats issue. The whole basement smell awful like rotten dead mouse bodies. I had serval pest control ppl to come and check, however; all they gave is poison to kill the mouse instead of actually solving the problem and the bad smell continues for past two years.I’m lucky enough to have Jeff solve the problem for me. He is a really knowledge guy and know what he is doing, he pointed out potential mouse hose and when we cut the dry wall open , the hose is right there, and few dead rats bodies too.After that, he has his team come over and did a professional sanitize full room and air clean with 0zone machine.I really recommend Jeff, he will save you lots lots lots of time , yet he also does the job in professional way.
C LearmonthC Learmonth
01:35 03 Jan 24
Our backyard has a sump pump, which needs backup power in case of power outage. Jeff gave us advice over the phone without any charge. What a nice guy. Thank you Jeff. we will certainly refer you to our families and friends when they need home repair or maintenance. All the best!!
Priscilla H LiangPriscilla H Liang
04:51 13 Dec 23
Cuellar & Tasis FamilyCuellar & Tasis Family
17:58 10 Dec 23
Our strata used the services of this company for a water leak from the facade of the building to our unit, we had just moved with a baby and a daughter, so the inconvenience was important for our family. The treatment of Jeff, the contractor, was superlative, he kept us informed throughout the entire process and exceeded our expectations in terms of execution times. His team of workers are very pleasant and polite. They worked at all times trying to disturb our family's daily routine at home as little as possible, they were very respectful. They were very clean in doing their work and very fast, having a team like that makes a difference for a company. We recommend them 100%.
Daniel BegicDaniel Begic
20:06 08 Dec 23
We are renting an older house and had big troubles with the storm drain and also how the house is build. No draining point in the laundry room and the basement is lower than the storm drain outside. So when we had this big storm early this week. We had water come from underneath the tiles and also water coming in from outside into the house from the Storm drain.We love how JPC gave us several different options on how to tackle this. From low impact to high impact and they recommended to start with the low impact options, which was the right call afterall!!!Imagine saving people already all day from the storm, arriving at 7pm and working still hard until we were saved from a flooded basement with a smile on their face even though they even skipped lunch. And Jeff especially is very humble and simply amazing guy!!! They find solutions where others would give up.Thanks again for saving us Jeff and Mohammed!!! You guys rock!!!
Robert LiuRobert Liu
01:12 08 Dec 23
Great repair job for basement concrete wall cracking and leaking by injecting from inside to avoid tedious digging from outside. Big saving finacially.
Jennyjm GuJennyjm Gu
19:02 07 Dec 23
Very quick response and professional staff. They can identify the issue by looking at the video I sent to them and fix it within one week after my call. Satisfied with the result, no water leakage anymore.
Ben LiBen Li
23:13 15 Nov 23
Hired JPC for a second time. Very fast and dedicated service. Their price is reasonable as well.
Ping LuPing Lu
23:55 24 Oct 23
Last week, water leaked from the upper bathroom of my house to the downstairs. After communicating on the phone, Jeff's team came to inspect and repair the next day. With minimal trauma, the wet ceiling was dried using principles similar to surgical laparoscopy. It took a week to complete. Completed the maintenance task, very satisfied, thank you very much
Cindy ZhaoCindy Zhao
19:00 22 Oct 23
My basement was renovated by JPC who is very responsible and professional. There are many unexpected issues during the renovation, but Jeff always can find the solution with his expertise on time. And his solution is in the position of his client instead of his benefit. It saved much money for me. They also offered me 1year quality guarantee but so far I didn’t have any problems. I am glad I made such a good decision to choose JPC.
03:32 19 Aug 23
JPC’s service and technique is unparalleled to other companies. The team is careful and responsible, as well as efficient. The pricing is also very reasonable. Highly recommended!
08:14 16 Jul 23
I'm very impressed by JPC services' quick response on my condo kitchen ceiling leaking found at Saturday night, and Jeff, the company owner, came to investigate almost right after the incident happened. He even went upstairs to try to find the problems. He detected water leaking underneath the dishwasher from the condo upstairs. They planned to ask the owner of the above condo to pull out dishwasher and see if there's any leaking down there first, and then come back to fix the ceiling of mine.Jeff tried to minimize the damages of all, I was quite overwhelmed by the incident still, yet he explained how the work would be done patiently, and tried to ease my concerns. Really appreciated that Jeff used his spare time and tried his best to help me out. Highly recommend JPC services to anyone may confront the same problem in the future. Their kindness, professionalism, and immediate response will never disappoint you! 100% trusted professionals!!
haibin lianghaibin liang
19:10 15 May 23
Jeff and his team is very pro and experienced. They solved for my basement leak that annoyed me for 3 years. Great job done, fast and reasonable cost. Big boss Jeff is very friendly, likely the best I meet in Canada. Must referral.
Chris GreenlawChris Greenlaw
21:36 11 May 23
JPC is very professional and responsive. Our top-floor condo had a leak behind the wall that was hard to diagnose. It took a while, but they got the job done and repaired the wall nicely. Mo was awesome!
Tingting ZhanTingting Zhan
07:45 03 Mar 23
My condo had a leak problem in the bathroom around the bathtub area and it effected downstairs ceiling. Several plumbers came but couldn’t locate the leak. I was told that they would need to demolish my bathtub to find the leak. I was overwhelmed. However, Jeff came himself the other day and decided to open a hole in my closet trying to minimize the damage in my home.The leak was found on the pipe which is underneath and behind the bathtub wall. It’s a very a tricky area. The team did an amazing job, they are very reliable and professional. Jeff, the owner of JPC, very experienced and knowledgeable. He spent lots of time explaining the cause and the procedures with me patiently.I am really happy and appreciated the job they’ve done for me and I will highly recommend this company to my families, friends and colleagues, especially for condo leaking problems.
Maryam MadaniMaryam Madani
22:21 30 Jan 23
Jeff has done wonderful job on our home. He was quick and efficient. He was the best person in problem solving and also his behavior was the best!My home looks fabulous.I highly recommend him for renovation/repair and construction.
Rosanna ChengRosanna Cheng
06:00 29 Apr 21
I’ve known Jeff, the president of JPC Service, for 17 years. Jeff is usually super busy from work so I didn’t want to bother him to repair the holes on my two doors. I’ve reached out to many companies, asking them if they could repair the doors for me but no companies would pay the time and effort. Last week, I called him explaining about all this and he didn’t even hesitate about the complicated work it would take and his busy schedule - he came to my house the next morning and took the two doors to his company and started to repair them. His attitude and reliability has truly inspired me and the work that he and his workers has done is AMAZING - the quality control is so impressive - they literally repaired the doors back to their origins. When his worker brought back the doors, he sanitized the doors and places they've worked at in my house after they were done, this reveals their worker's responsibility and attentiveness. JPC Service is just such a trustworthy, professional, efficiency company I’ve EVER seen! I REALLY recommend ALL of you to choose JPC Service - I promise you won’t regret!Thank you Jeff and your team!
Sherlyn zhangSherlyn zhang
20:01 22 Aug 19
I’m so glad that I chose JPC to do the renovation of my house. Professional, efficient and worry-free! Their quality control and project management are really impressive. Remodeling two full bathrooms, repainting the whole house, and replacing the most part of the floor, all these jobs were done in three weeks to meet my move-in schedule. Though I visited the site only once per week, they finished the work in great quality. Minor problems also got solved promptly. I will definitely use their services again.

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