About Us


Our Story

JPC Services Inc. is a comprehensive renovation services company. It offers a wide range of renovation services from residential, commercial to industrial projects; from large whole renovation and rebuilds projects to small housing repair and maintenance projects. JPC has served the Great Vancouver area for more than a decade with good quality and reputation.

JPC Services Inc. is one of the founding members of Chinese Construction and Renovation Association of Canada (CCRAC) whose primary goal is to support and help all groups—from home owners, consultants, engineers, designers and architects to construction contractors and builders, try to let all industry practitioners and customers get better services and benefits, and try to standardize the working standards of Chinese construction and renovation community in Canada.

Also, because of JPC’s integrity, honesty, and trustworthy, it has been credited as a grade A+ BBB Accredited Business.


Jeff Jiang

Jeff Jiang, the dedicated force behind JPC. With a passion for craftsmanship, Jeff has cultivated a brand that stands out in the world of construction and renovation. He specializes in tackling challenging home issues, offering solutions where larger firms shy away. Jeff’s commitment to integrity and excellence is evident in his meticulous approach to every project. With an extensive background in resolving complex home dilemmas, he excels in problem-solving and creative solutions. Jeff’s unwavering dedication to both his clients and his team exemplifies his leadership. Experience the difference with Jeff Jiang and JPC, where expertise meets passion.

Our Vision & Mission

JPC Services Inc. is one of the best and most respected general contractors in the industry as measured by our employees, our customers and our communities.

We are dedicated to understanding and exceeding the unique needs of our clients. To deliver high quality, cost effective solutions on schedule.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​