Sungiven Foods Supermarket Construction

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Sungiven Foods Canada Inc. for the exciting renovation project located at 1595 Marine Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7P 2Y3. JPC Services Inc. is honored to be entrusted with the responsibility of bringing this vision to life.

Project Overview:


Location:                     1595 Marine Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7P 2Y3
Client:                          Sungiven Foods Canada Inc.
Scope of Work:           Renovation of the existing shop space to accommodate                                         Sungiven Foods’ supermarket requirements.

Contractor:                  JPC Services Inc.

Our team at JPC Services Inc. is committed to providing comprehensive services to ensure the successful completion of the Sungiven Foods Supermarket project. Here are some key highlights.

Project Details:


Expertise and Experience:

JPC Services Inc. brings extensive knowledge and experience in managing construction projects of this nature. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results tailored to meet the unique needs of Sungiven Foods.

Scope of Service:

  • Execution of the project in compliance with City Hall approved drawings and building codes.
  • Coordination with architects, engineers, and designers to ensure safety and quality throughout the construction process.
  • Timely completion of all project milestones, including passing inspections as per schedule.
  • Transportation of project-related equipment and materials to the site.
  • Handling of payment issues with subcontractors and material suppliers, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Proactive communication with Sungiven Foods regarding payment schedules to avoid any delays in construction progress.

Materials and Labor: 

JPC Services Inc. is committed to providing top-quality materials, labor, and equipment necessary for the successful execution of the project. All materials and finishes will adhere to the samples provided for Sungiven Foods’ review and approval.

Timeline and Completion:

Our team is dedicated to completing the Sungiven Foods Supermarket project within the specified timeline while adhering to the highest construction standards. We are committed to delivering a finished product that exceeds expectations.


At JPC Services Inc., we understand the importance of delivering excellence in every project we undertake. We are excited to embark on this journey with Sungiven Foods Canada Inc. and look forward to creating a state-of-the-art supermarket that reflects their brand values and meets the needs of their customers. Stay tuned for updates as we progress towards the completion of this remarkable project.