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Online Data Entry Work

Online data entry work is a very realistic way to make money. Many companies have mundane clerical data entry jobs that need to be done. This makes it very possible to do computer data entry work from home. Companies generally see the value in outsourcing because of the financial savings to them. It costs companies a lot of money having a skilled employee that they are paying a salary and benefits to completing clerical data entry from the office that generally doesn’t require any specialized skills besides the abilities of being able to type and use a computer. They can have someone doing the work from home and pay per completed project. This saves them money not only through salary and benefits but through the taxes they need to pay on an employee.

Online Data Entry WorkComputer data entry work from home jobs that need to be completed are normally entered into very common data base programs like Excel or Quick Books that come with any computer using a Windows based operating system. This makes the cost for the person looking to do the work from home minimal to non-existent.

So how does a person go about finding online data entry work? There are two strategies that I recommend utilizing. The first strategy is absolutely free but takes some time and effort. The second strategy to find clerical data entry work does require a very small financial investment but takes much less work and time to get results. I am not recommending one strategy over another to find a position because it ultimately comes down to what is the best fit for the job seeker.

The first strategy I recommend to find online data entry work from home is using a service like Go Freelance. A service like this is NOT free. Go Freelance is a job board for freelance projects such as clerical data entry. Companies looking to fill freelance (work at home) jobs post there openings (some being computer data entry). The members of Go Freelance bid on the opportunities and the employer chooses who they want to fill the online position. I have used Go Freelance in the past to both find work at home positions for myself but to also fill entry clerical data entry jobs I have needed to fill. That is why I highly recommend them to find online data entry from home.

The second strategy to find computer data entry work is a little bit old fashioned but very effective and absolutely free. The first two things you are going to need are a cover letter and a resume. The next step in finding your clerical data entry job is to start sending out your letter and resume. By using resources like Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com, Hotjobs.com, Craigslist.org and more you can find data entry work that you could possibly do from home. The challenge will be that very few of the computer data entry jobs posted on these boards will be for work from home positions. You need to put together a high quality cover letter selling them on the value and financial savings to them of utilizing a person working from home to complete their tasks. If you send out 200 emails to organizations regarding outsourcing their data processing work to someone working from home and two companies respond, you win and it cost you absolutely no money. This strategy while highly effective and free does take an investment of time and real effort to land an online data entry job.

Real online data entry work does exist! I've obtained multiple jobs using the strategies outlined above. But there is also a lot of so called data entry jobs that are complete scams. To avoid these scams all you need to do is follow a general rule when looking for legitimate work from home. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.